CNC Turning

At Little B Engineering we benefit from having live tooling, Y axis and sub spindle which allows us to complete complex components in one operation.

We are able to machine from 5mm to 65mm when bar feeding. We have a 350mm chucking capability.

All our CNC machines are supports by a CAD/CAM facility.

Our fully equipped machine shop can accommodate most projects competitively. We offer flexible production and a rapid turnaround for small or large batch sizes.


CNC Milling

Our vertical machining centres have a travel size up to X 700mm,   Y 530mm and Z 560mm.

Our vertical machining centres are supported by 2D and a 3D CAD/CAM system. Our highly experienced team are capable of machining intricate parts in 2D and 3D.

We regularly mill complex and basic parts in most materials from one offs to batch sizes in the thousands.

The quality of the vertical machining centres and our experience allows us to work to the finest tolerances at the same time as producing high quality components on time.

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